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Customize the valves on your motorcycle and make tire inflation easier with Puig valves.


Machined from a light aluminum block, 8 gr, it will provide the wheel with a color point as well as facilitating the work of inflation thanks to its design and conception.


There are two types of valve set available depending on the diameter we need, 11mm (R.5591) and 8.3mm (R.8100), and Puig has a wide variety of colors available so that it adapts perfectly to the aesthetic line of your motorcycle.


Along with the piece, Puig serves the classic instruction booklet to facilitate the work of the assembler and quickly enjoy the new valves.


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PUIG 8100A - Race Valves for Motorcycle Tire - DIM 8.3 Tubeles - C/Blue

$25.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
  • Maker PUIG  Hi-Tech Parts
    part name

    valve for


    Puig Code 8100A
    Motorcycle Model UNIVERSAL
    Material Aluminum
    Colour Blue


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