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Brake disks

“Disc Wave®” brake discs represent the best expression of GALFER's research and development work. Laser cut from high carbon content stainless steel, they represent the direct application of high competition technology available to any user. They replace the original discs without the need for adaptation or manipulation.

Main features:

  • Lower weight of unsprung masses.

  • Greater stopping power.

  • Greater heat dissipation capacity.

  • Excellent corrosion resistance.

  • Less tendency to deformation.

  • Keeps the pad-disc contact surface cleaner. 

  • Improves and personalizes the aesthetics of the motorcycle. 

  • Core in high-strength anodized or chrome-plated aluminum (7075 T6 – 6082 T6) or stainless steel (AISI 420).


All “Disc Wave®” models of the same size as the motorcycle's original disc are homologated by

TÜV (KBA no. 61147 / 61148).


We are Authorized Distributor of the brand in Venezuela, consult our product catalog!


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