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Product description

PUIG 7493P  - TAPERED HANDLEBAR DIAMETER FROM 29 to 22 mm - HEIGHT=40 mm C/Silver  (Universal) 



  • Diameter: From 29 to 22 mm.
  • Height: 40  mm.


Our HI-TECH handlebars are made of aluminum and subsequently anodized in various colors. We have two types: conical and cylindrical.


The  conical model has a diameter of 29mm at the central part of the handlebar up to 22mm at the end of the handlebar. For this handlebar model we have three different heights: 20, 40 and 61mm. 


For both handlebar models, we offer long and short handlebar weights so that you can mount them without any problem and customize your motorcycle.


Riders Motorrad Garage ... A Lifestyle !!


PUIG 7493P - Tapered handlebar Diam.=From 29 to 22 mm - Height=40 mm C/Silver

$110.00 Regular Price
$100.00Sale Price
  • Maker PUIG  Hi-Tech Parts
    part name Tapered Handlebar
    Puig code 7493P
    Motorcycle Model


    Material Anodized Aluminum
    Colour Silver
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