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Puig's Performance tank protector is the perfect solution to prevent friction caused by the rider's suit and that with intensive use of the motorcycle They end up deteriorating the paint.


Its aggressive and modern design and the flexibility of the material allow it to adapt to any model.


It is offered in five different types of presentation (carbon look, silver, gray, transparent and the 50th Anniversary edition carbon look protector), so the biker can find the option that best matches the personalization of his vehicle.


Despite being a discreet piece, at Puig we are aware that it normally suffers from very harsh treatment, which is why we subject the protectors to demanding quality controls that ensure that the plastic material and the adhesive can withstand the most intensive use during their lifetime. motorcycle tool.


Riders Motorrad Garage ... A Lifestyle !!

PUIG 4051W - Performance Tank Pads - Universal - C/Transp

$25.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
  • Maker PUIG  Hi-Tech Parts
    part name

    Tank Protector

    Puig code 4051W
    Motorcycle Model


    Material Plastic
    Colour Transparent


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