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Product description

NOCO GBX55:  12 Volt dead battery starter with a maximum starting load of 1750 Amps.


Start engines until:7.5L gasoline and 5.0L diesel

Benefit:12 month warranty.


NOCO Boost X GBX55 is a portable lithium battery jump starter for 12 volt batteries in vehicles with gasoline engines up to 7.5 ​​liters and diesel 5, 0 liters, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, ATVs, boats, RVs, vans, sport utility vehicles, tractors and more.


  •  A completely new design with extreme cranking power for powerful engine starts. Rated to1750 amps, this portable car lithium battery jump starter releases maximum power at every start. This is not an update. It is a completely new series: the Extreme series.


  • Equipped withUSB-C technologywhich, combined with Power Delivery, gives you ultra-fast top-ups. Fully recharges in just 1.2 hours, or goes from 0% to kickstart in just 5 minutes of charging.


  •  Load all withUSB-C PowerDelivery. Its internal power bank provides 60 watts of power, both input and output, to effortlessly power your favorite USB-C devices like phones, tablets, laptops, wearables and more.


  •  We take our technologyultra safeand we improve it. It's still our simple, bug-free design that features spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection, but with improved thermal efficiency and power management for better performance and longer battery life.


  •  It is one of the most versatile lithium battery jump starters out there. Starts all types of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, ATVs, boats, RVs, pickup trucks, SUVs, tractors and more for gasoline engines up to 7.5 liters and diesel engines up to 5.0 liters.


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NOCO GBX55 - Extreme 1750 Amp Jump Starter - Ultra Safe - Lithium

$245.00 Regular Price
$235.00Sale Price
  • Manufacturer / Model NOCO (USA) / GBX55
    Engines up to:

    Petrol: 7.5L

    Diesel: 5.0L

    Maximum current:

    1750 Amps
    Internal battery:

    46 Wh, lithium ion

    Temp. storage

    Temp: -20°C to +50°C

    Temp. functioning

    Temp: -20°C to +50°C

    Temp. burden

    Temp: 0°C to +40°C

    USB-C (input):

    5V 1.5A/9V 3A/12V

    3A/15V 3A/20V 3A

    USB (output):

    USB-A: 5VDC 2.1A Max

    / 10W Max
    USB-C: 5V 3A/9V 3A/12V

    3A/15V 3A/20V 3A

    LED flashlight brightness:

    200 lumens

    Dimensions (LxWxH)

    195 x 125 x 63.5mm

    unit weight 1.17kg
    Loading time 1.2 hour
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