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brake lines

FK Galfer metal brake lines improve braking performance by more than 30% as they have a much lower coefficient of expansion than traditional tubes. They are made of the highest quality materials: braided stainless steel covered with PVC for the outside.

Main features:

  • Direct improvement of touch: firm, constant and more precise.

  • Direct connection from pump to brake caliper.

  • Increased response speed.

  • They do not rust and resist the highest temperatures.

  • Complete brake and clutch kits with 1, 2 or 3 specific tubes for each motorcycle model (the tubes for off-road motorcycles include a protective sheath).

  • Fittings and reusable tubing supplied in exploded view.

  • Pipe available in 4 colors (transparent, black, carbon and red) and fittings available in silver brass quality.


We are Authorized Distributor of the brand in Venezuela, consult our product catalog!


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