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PUIG 5401N - Digital Tire Pressure Gauge


The Puig tire pressure gauge is an essential tool for the biker.


Reliable and safe, it helps to know precisely and at all times the condition of the wheels and check immediately if they are the cause of strange sensations when riding the motorcycle, thus avoiding having to use the reference gauge of a service station .


Its compact dimensions allow us to always have it at hand, both in the toolbox of our own garage and, especially, in the essential repair kit when we are on the road.


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PUIG 5401N - Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

$40.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
  • Maker PUIG  Hi-Tech Parts
    part name

    Pressure gauge


    Puig code 5401N

    Motorcycle Model


    Size Portable
    Colour Black


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